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Information for Parents

The intention of this information is to make the entry into the Band Booster Family easier for incoming parents who may be overwhelmed by the amount of information given to them when their Band Students first begin playing with the Bands.

We have found the following to be some of the best ways to learn about the Bands and the Boosters.

  1. Attend the Band Booster Meetings: You don’t need to volunteer for anything, or even attend every meeting. If you come to meetings, you will discover things that your student has never mentioned (like upcoming fundraisers that help you pay for trips).The Band Director and Booster Executive Board gives status reports at each meeting. Meetings are the second Monday of each month (excluding July and December) in the GM HS Band Room (enter back of HS, first room on left.)
  2. When in doubt, check the website: The GMBB posts valuable Band information including: dates and times for all competitions; downloadable copies of important forms and documents; fund raising information, last minute changes and more.
  3. Network with other parents: It will make your life much easier if you make ride sharing arrangements for practices and carpooling for competitions.
  4. Go to the competitions and football games: Watch the shows and take pride at the improvement as the season progresses. Your student(s) will appreciate the fact that you take the time to come to the events.
  5. Information: Make sure the members information sheet is completed accurately and turned in and let us know if there are any future changes (cellphone numbers, email addresses, etc.).

Games and Competitions

Jewelry and nail polish are not permitted to be worn at competitions. Please remove before reporting to school for the event. Please remember not to wear colognes or perfumes because many people are allergic to these scents.


Location of the competitions can be found on the Band Schedule page and clicking on a particular competition. This will bring up Google Maps. The map will show the location of the competition and also give you the ability to use Google Maps to get directions. A sheet with the full fall schedule along with directions will be handed out at the August Booster Meeting.


Bands do perform (and rehearse) in the sun, wind, rain and snow. The experienced parents go to the competitions prepared to sit through unpleasant weather and cheer for all the bands. Rain gear and ponchos are better than umbrellas (which tend to block the view of the shows and cause rivers of rain to run on the laps of people behind you). If it rains during a competition, the bands may still need to march in the mud. If the field conditions are poor, the band may perform indoors. It can get cold later in the fall. Bring warm clothing and ensure your band member is prepared.

Spectator Etiquette

When attending competitions, try to sit with other GMHS parents. Wear your marching band T - shirt/sweatshirt if you have one. Yell, cheer, and clap at appropriate times during the show. General McLane is proud to have an outstanding, supportive audience.

Do not enter/exit the stands during anyone’s performance. Usually, the stands are roped off just before a performance until that particular one is done. Do not talk during any show (remember, you may be sitting next to another parent whose child is performing). Stand and applaud every band as they parade by the stands after their performance.

Remember, the students in the other bands have worked just as hard as our own students. They deserve our respect and applause. Every marching band member in every band is participating in an activity that is teaching them teamwork, respect and pride in what they do. There are no losers in this activity.

Alternative Transport

If you wish to pick up your student after an activity, you must fill out an Alternate Transportation Permission Form. Please make sure the form is complete and that your student turns it into the proper person.


The GM Exhibition and Clinic is the Premier event of the Marching Band Competition Season. This is an all day event and usually involves the participation of around 16 bands. During this event, there is need for a large number of volunteers. Signups will be requested at the May through August Band Booster meetings.


The General McLane Marching and Jazz Bands make a trip every two years to Disney World. The trip is usually from the Friday after Thanksgiving until the middle of the next week. The majority of fundraisers are conducted to help with the cost of this trip.

Student Accounts

When entering the GM Marching band, the treasurer will set up an individual account for each band member within the main GM Band Boosters Account. This student account is used to cover the individual student’s cost for various Band Trips made throughout the years the student is in the band (i.e. Disney Trip, etc).

There are various ways to help fund this account including Fundraisers, Volunteering at the Concession Stand, and Direct funding describe below.

Adding Funds to Your Student's Account


Numerous fundraising opportunities are done throughout the year for Students/Parents to help fund the student accounts. Past examples include Magazine sales, Candle sales, car washes, Kiwanis Duck Tickets, Ads for the Exhibition program, etc. An announcement will be made at the June and August Booster meetings to advise which fundraisers are being done for the current Band season. The majority of the profits made on fundraisers are credited to the individual student accounts (per Band Booster By-laws, a minimum of 10% is required to go into the Boosters General Fund).

Concession Stand

The Band Boosters operate the Concession Stands for the various Sporting events. Parents will have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer in the Concession Stand. The designated student's account will be credited $10 for each hour volunteered in the Concession Stand. The number of concession stand shifts is limited and sign-ups will take place at the August (fall sports) and November (winter sports) Booster Meetings. Further details will be available at those meetings.

Direct Funding (Payments made directly to the Student Accounts)

Students may need to directly fund (by cash/check) their student account in order to go on any trips, including Disney. In Disney Years (currently odd calendar years), a payment schedule is established in order to help spread out the cost over a period of months and to allow the Boosters to make the payment deadlines required by the tour company. This schedule will be setup by the Treasurer and will outline the amount that should be in your student's account by that date. Please contact the Treasurer at any time to get your current balance or if you have any problems with meeting any payment deadlines etc.

Account Refunds

Balances/Trip Deposits can be refunded to parents up to the amount of money actually paid out-of-pocket into the student's account. Per Band Booster By-Laws, no amounts raised by Fundraising/Concession Stand hours can be refunded. A deadline will be established by the Treasurer to notify parents of when they can request a refund of any overpaid cash deposits. This goes on a year to year basis.

Graduating or Final Band Year Students

Per Band Booster By-Laws, when a student discontinues participation in the Band (i.e. graduates, no longer schedules, etc.), student account balances will revert to the Band Boosters General Fund. The only exception to this rule is the account balance can be transferred to a sibling who is currently in or will be a Band member in the upcoming school year.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact the Treasurer, the Band Director, or any other Band Booster Executive Board member.



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